Our History: How It Started

Governor Haskell signed the first fireman’s pension benefit statute into law on May 14, 1908. The new law contained a one percent tax on insurance premiums to fund the pension benefits for both paid and volunteer firefighters. Oklahoma cities and towns administered the program until the State Legislature created the current Oklahoma Firefighter Pension and Retirement System in 1980.

The Oklahoma Firefighters Pension and Retirement System was created to fund the total system better and administer the system equally. The agency is vested with the power and duties specified by statutes and such other powers as may be necessary to enable it and its officers and employees to carry out fully and effectively the intent of the law to provide pension benefits to all participating firefighters in Oklahoma.

white firetruck from 1910

Mission Statement

To be responsive in administering retirement benefits to firefighters of Oklahoma, to manage the firefighters’ retirement fund prudently, and to embrace the highest ethical standards with regard to these endeavors.

Our Vision

To be the best State Retirement System in Oklahoma by providing our members exceptional customer service, honest and ethical behavior, and financial stability.

man wearing a blue Oklahoma fire rescue shirt

Values & Behaviors

The Oklahoma Firefighters Pension Retirement System (OFPRS) values its members, both active and retired, and the important contributions they make to the state of Oklahoma.


  • Expect OFPRS staff to exhibit integrity, ethical conduct, professionalism, and a commitment to superior performance through teamwork, communication, mutual respect, and cooperation driven to produce results.
  • Effectively communicate new statutes and rule changes to municipalities, members, and staff.
  • Use technology such as the OFPRS website to provide information in a timely manner.
  • Utilize the most current technology to manage and operate OFPRS.
  • Provide every member a forum for timely and fair due process regarding applications and appeals.
  • Strive to maintain financial stability by actively managing a broad, diversified investment portfolio.
a male fire fighter closes the door of the vehicle

Our Goals

the American and Oklahoma flag
Provide exceptional communication and education to our membership.
Adopt new technology that can effectively and efficiently be utilized to manage OFPRS.
Encourage teamwork and training to provide workflow continuity as staffing evolves.
Support the Oklahoma State Legislature regarding laws impacting OFPRS and its members.